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How It Works

Baltimore Web Videos is a service offered by a partnership of Deborah Gallant and Marty Jenoff.

in action 3Every few months, we schedule a live morning-long workshop with a small number of business owners (usually we have five slots).  We work out of Marty’s brand-new Owings Mills, Maryland studio with top of the line professional video, audio and lighting equipment.  We bring the participants together for group coaching and practice before each person gets their turn in front of the camera.

Deborah is the off-screen interviewer, feeding you questions and ideas while Marty shoots.  Usually we get about ten or fifteen minutes of footage and from that original footage, we select the best bits to tell your story.

You give us your logo, tell us what colors you want in the background, words on the screen and give us about 10 still shots (either from your business or stock images) to edit it into a final product—usually 90 seconds to 2 minutes in length.

Once we have all your materials, we deliver it to you digitally for uploading to your website, YouTube, social media and wherever else you want.

See sample client videos here.

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